Get ready to take flight with Oscar the Osprey on his journey to self-discovery by reading all about his amazing adventures in a fantastic book penned by author Edward Martin Polansky!

Oscar the Osprey:
The Bird Who Was Afraid of Heights

Oscar the Osprey is a delightful children’s story that revolves around the newly hatched Oscar and his struggles with his unusual handicap. But despite his personal struggles, Oscar will go on an amusing and touching journey of self-discovery to overcome his issues.


I liked that it was relaxing and easy to read.

Jay McLaughlin

Fantastic book! It kept my daughter interested and engaged and provided a fun and effective way to teach her about overcoming problems and fears. I am recommending this book to family and friends.

Micah M.

I read this along with my 7 year old son. It is a wonderful story, easy to read and great life lessons. This book deserves to be in every child's library.

David Martin

Edward Martin Polansky

Edward Martin Polansky is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in San Antonio and has been in public practice for over forty years with Ernst & Young, with his own firm, and with a regional accounting firm, Weaver and Tidwell LLP. He currently is Of Counsel with Weaver and consults with individuals and businesses on tax and financial planning matters.


What about the fears that Oscar has?

What about the fears that Oscar has?

While surfing the internet I ran across an individual who searched the web to find out what the most common fears of humans were.  As a result of his research, he created a list of the 34 most common fears.  Of those 34, he found that the top 10 were, in order, the...

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